Equilibrium: DnB July 2021


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Gadzooks Presents: Equilibrium – a state in which forces or influences are equally balanced.

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The lineup in alphabetical order:
Dre Darkroom

We believe in diversity, equality & good vibes, and are proud to platform amazing women, doing what we can to address the gender imbalance in the male dominated drum & bass scene.

Sub-genres ranging from jungle and liquid to neurofunk & bass.
No MC’s // no dress code // cheap drinks // friendly crowd

Let’s go!

We are so happy to be back. See you on the floor ❤

There are no physical/paper tickets, but you will receive an email confirmation, please keep the email safe. There will be a notification of low stock when the final few tickets are left, so if you are worried about missing one of the final few tickets, keep checking back here or give us a shout via Facebook @GadzooksEvents if you have any questions or need help.

To find the venue, search for: The Peer Hat

Ticket price includes PayPal fees.

p.s. If you are struggling, either to get a ticket or you can’t afford the entry, drop us a message via our FB page.
We’ll do our best to make sure nobody misses out <3