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21st June 2021 @ The Old Abbey Taphouse

FREEDOM = PARTY! Join us for a truly special evening of LEGAL REVELRY and AUTHORISED DANCING with booty shaking rhythms of Odwana, the riotous party stylings of Galivantes, and dancefloor bangers from Dre Darkroom and Blo0m. Shake off the dust of a year indoors at the first party allowed by law since the Beforetimes! We are so happy to be back. See you on the floor ❤

This is a private product, please don’t post the link anywhere.  This is on public release now. There are no physical/paper tickets, but you will receive an email confirmation, please keep the email safe. There will be a notification of low stock when the final few tickets are left, so if you are worried about missing one of the final few tickets, keep checking back here or give us a shout via Facebook @GadzooksEvents if you have any questions or need help.

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How to find The Old Abbey Taphouse (the venue)

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p.s. If you are struggling, either to get a ticket or you can’t afford the entry, drop us a message via our FB page or email [email protected] so we all see it. We’ll do our best to make sure nobody misses out ❤